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4th of July Edible Sparklers

I decided to make something 4th of July-ish this week during my SAHM adventures with Myles. We had the time of our lives making these edible sparklers. We will probably make more on the 4th of July so him and his cousins can enjoy these tasty treats as well. Check out my YouTube video here (edible sparklers tutorial) on how to make them! ENJOY!



While most people listen to music in the car, I on the other hand listen to podcasts. And once again, because I’m so random, I listen to a plethora of different podcasts. I have them sorted out according to their topics.

I listen to mommy podcasters, grammar nazis, Spanish speakers, bible studies, the stuff you should know series, and the newest podcast I found is Social Media Marketing Happy Hour. This one, I’ve been learning how to network. I have plenty of items, projects, and ideas to network, I just need to learn HOW to network. So I’m hoping Traci and Dawn can teach me a few things.

So I have a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30 (74 days) and one of them is to have a girls night out. Since I’m already spending money on my party, I’m doing a girls night in. I’m hosting a party where we will be making vision boards and drinking wine. #thankspinterest

Another one of my party projects are coming together. I’m making coasters for everyone that attends my party. The product is done but not perfected. I just need to figure out how to get the picture adhered to the tile without any bubbles. I’m so excited for my party! It’s coming together perfectly ­čÖé

Thanks for reading guys! And don’t forget to email me: cheritaisrandom@gmail.com

In case you were wondering…

Today has been quite interesting. I found out I sprained my ankle (I blame it on almost being 30 years old) so I’m in a boot and on crutches for 2 weeks. Cool!

Since I was out of commission for the day I went paint chip “shopping” and got some new paint chip samples for my contraction series. I use the term shopping very loosely…they are free. Slash, every time I say contraction, my uterus jumps a bit…NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT.

I thought I would show a sample of what my words with apostrophes look like in a flash card design. The folded part will be joined together by a piece of Velcro…I know I’m a genius!

On a more random note, the program I coach for is doing half time at a high school football game tonight. I hope it’s not too cold out. Don’t forget if you have any questions email me at: cheritaisrandom@gmail.com