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Vinyl Records

I’ve been on a diy, pinterest, SAHM kick for these weeks I’ve been at home with Myles. I came across these vinyl record bowls that apparently people have been doing for a while. Well, it’s new to me, so I decided to make a tutorial video (link here) on  how to make these! Use your imagination and don’t use them just as a centerpiece, get creative with them ­čÖé


4th of July Edible Sparklers

I decided to make something 4th of July-ish this week during my SAHM adventures with Myles. We had the time of our lives making these edible sparklers. We will probably make more on the 4th of July so him and his cousins can enjoy these tasty treats as well. Check out my YouTube video here (edible sparklers tutorial) on how to make them! ENJOY!