7 things I would rather do than clean my bathroom…

I’m assuming this prompt insinuates cleaning the bathroom is a retched, detestable chore, and there are minimally seven better yet putrid things one would rather do. Well, the one chore I don’t mind doing is cleaning the bathroom, so I’m going to twist this list around a bit. I’m going to do a list of 7 ghastly things and 7 satisfying things I would rather do than clean my bathroom.


  1. Read comments on the internet. This is including, but not limited to, Facebook and YouTube.
  2. Run. I don’t like running and my knees don’t like running.
  3. Clean out my inbox. There are two types of people. Those who have 1 or 2 unread e-mails and those who have THOUSANDS of unread e-mails. I’m the later.
  4. Do nothing. Absolutely nothing. To the point where I’m mind-numbingly (is that a word) bored.
  5. Re-organize Forever 21. Or Ross. Or Marshalls. You get it.
  6. Go to the DMV…said no one ever. Except me.
  7. Cut off all my hair. It’s hair. It would grow back. Not sure what I would look like while it grew back though.


  1. Spend time with Myles (my son). I mean, who wouldn’t?
  2. Go shopping. On-line and in person.
  3. Practice ASL and/or Spanish. I’m a language fanatic.
  4. Watch Netflix. With or without the chill, I’m not picky.
  5. Go on a date. Preferably with a beau.
  6. Sleep. You can never have enough sleep.
  7. Makeup. Anything to do with makeup. Apply it. Buy it. Watch tutorials.

What would you rather do than clean your bathroom?


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