Racism will NEVER die.

Let’s start off with this one point. Not one person in this world is/was born racist. Children do not see color. People are taught to be racist, and ignorance (which falls under the same category as racism) is tolerated, which leads to racism.

So of course I’m bringing up this topic because of the Michael Brown case. I’ll let you know how I feel. Do I think Michael Brown’s actions lead to his death? Yes. Do I think his death is justified? Absolutely NOT. Nobody knows the entire story, and unfortunately Michael Brown’s side of the story will never be told. The officer says “he reached for my gun”. How do we know that Michael Brown wasn’t trying to take the gun to throw it so the cop wouldn’t shoot him? Or how do we know that he reached for the gun at all? There is also the “brutal attack” the cop claimed and the busted eye socket that supposedly was done to him. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a broken eye socket, but the pictures of Officer Wilson did not show one.

I’m not here to say who was right or who was wrong, but I will say Michael Brown did NOT deserve to die. For the people claiming “he was a thug who we needed off the streets” you sir or ma’am are very ignorant and I will pray for you. Unless you knew him personally, there is no reason to call him any kind of name, or judge him because of the color of his skin. I’m not sure if anyone is aware of the definition of thug, but if not, a thug is a violent criminal; a brutal ruffian or assassin. To MY understanding, Michael Brown was none of these. People are bringing up the store incident, and once again to my understanding, the person on camera wasn’t Michael Brown. I watched an interview with the lawyer of the store clerk and at the time of the interview, the person in the video was NOT identified as Michael Brown. And if it WAS, those actions had nothing to do with the altercation with Officer Wilson. People act as if it is rare for teenagers to steal or get an attitude. I’m sure you’ve stolen something or know someone who has stolen something and they turned out just fine.

I’ll continue to use the Trayvon incident as a perfect example of why people still use the race card. When Trayvon Martin was murdered (yes murdered) people started calling him a thug and posting pictures of him smoking weed, with a grill in his mouth, and taking pictures while flipping off the camera. One, this hardly qualifies as being a “thug” and two, if you look on social media at any given time you will see all sorts of teenagers of different races, gender, ethnic backgrounds posting the SAME pictures. The media posted those pictures of Trayvon and then placed pictures of Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus doing the EXACT same thing that lead to the labeling of Trayvon as a “thug”. Why is okay for them, but not him? That’s why the race card is still being pulled.


There is also a picture floating around of “Michael” with a stack of money in his mouth and him holding a gun. A lot of people have been reposting this picture saying “this is the thug we needed off the street” or something unnecessary. Fortunately, that picture wasn’t even of Michael Brown. So shame on those of you who posted things without doing your research.

What I’ve concluded is people only want to read, hear, and believe one side of the story. The minute they hear something the media posted (not anything they researched themselves) that backs up “their side” of the story, they’re quick to repost with an “I told you so”. The Internet has brought out the worst in people during this time and it has shown the true colors of how some people really think. For instance I’ve seen my fair share of non-black people posting pictures saying “we never riot like this when an officer kills a white teen” or “they wonder why their race is treated as such” but when black people come back with pictures of white people rioting because of a coach being fired, or a team winning/losing they become defensive and say “oh white people were just drunk celebrating” WHAAAAAT? Double standards. Not okay.

I know I’ve gone off on a tangent, but I want to give my final reasons on why racism will never die.

Segregation in certain areas still exists, and as soon as a colored person walks into a predominantly white neighborhood, people become scared. Why can’t that non-white person just be there visiting a friend? Or just moved there because they got a new job?

Black people are still using it as a cop out. Sometimes it might be true, but don’t use it as a way to try and get out of a mistake YOU made. Don’t get an attitude with someone to try and prove a point. Just do what’s asked and be on your way. Let karma deal with that other person.

When black people are articulate and intelligent, it’s considered “acting white”. Why does there have to be a label on it? What does acting white mean? Being smart? So bring dumb is acting black? I’m confused.

I just watched a few of Chris Rock’s stand ups and he speaks nothing but the truth on racism in America. It’s all sad, but 100% true.

And for the people tired of racists, take a screen shot of their ignorant comments and send them to the “getting racists fired” blog. Make a difference. Don’t just watch ignorance take place. And with that said, always correct spelling and grammar. Maybe we can start an epidemic.


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