Door Men

Let me tell you a little story. Last night I went to Chevys with my friend Tori for her 21st birthday. We then proceeded to head downtown to do a little bit of bar hopping and meet up with another group of friends. We’re rolling about 20+ people deep, and we’re just ready to have fun. It’s second Saturday, so it’s crowded downtown. I’m trying to find a parking spot, and my light turns green, so I turn…there are pedestrians on the other side of the street and a cop behind me…so of course he pulls me over. He asks to see my license, I don’t have a physical one, he asks why, I told him I lost it in New York, and he asks if I have identification, so I hand him my government issued ID. He asks if I have a regular ID, and I don’t, but my government issued ID is perfectly fine. He then asked if I had anything to drink, I told him I had a margarita, and then he made me follow his finger…he handed me my ID back and told me to pay more attention. No. Big. Deal.

So I proceed to find a parking spot and go to The Mercantile to meet up with our group. Mind you, I’ve been to this place a plethora of times, and the door man has always been the same. So I pull out my government issued ID, and he says “I can’t take this” so Tori’s friends ask “Do you guys not take military IDs either” and all of a sudden he’s yelling “I DIDN’T SAY THAT, THE OWNER JUST SAYS THESE AREN’T ALLOWED” so then another friend Katrina asked if the owner was there and he said no, and she asked for a manager he said the manager was in the back, so she goes to look for him.

Here I am standing at the door, sober, waiting for an answer, and these three individuals walk up to the door and say “Hi Jerry” give him a hug and walk right in without him checking a single ID. So here I am, standing with a VALID,
GOVERNMENT ISSUED IDENTIFICATION CARD, not being able to get into a bar, and he lets three people in w/o checking their IDs…cool. So of course I say something and the last girl comes back out and says “well he’s my grandpa”. That’s fine and dandy, but I don’t give a flying f*ck who you are, he should be checking EVERY SINGLE ID. Mind you I’m very nice to this girl and I tell her that I’m not upset with her. She goes on her way.

“Jerry” then proceeds to get in my face and yell at me and tell me I need to go stand somewhere else because I’m preventing him from doing his job. I don’t move at all and then he says “I don’t care what anyone says, you’re not getting in here at all tonight”. I still don’t move. He goes back to checking IDs. Then he leaves the door, has someone cover him, and made sure to let the guy know that I wasn’t allowed in.

Katrina comes back and says “hey the manager says your ID works” I proceed to tell her that the jerk at the door said I can’t come in. The manager sent a message over his walkie talkie saying it was perfectly fine that I come in, and rightfully so I should have been let in. He starts yelling at her saying “BECAUSE I’M THE DOOR MAN, I HAVE RULING OVER WHO CAN COME IN AND WHO CAN’T” talk about a power trip. So the rest of the group just said let it go, let’s leave.

I have several issues with this. One. If my ID is good enough for the cops, it’s good enough every where. Two. You have one job, ID EVERYBODY. Three. He’s probably so pissed he’s not real law enforcement he took my CDCR ID to heart. Four. You’re. A. Door. Man. Not. The. Owner. Five. The owner will be hearing about this.

Rant over.


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