Blah blah Ray Rice blah blah

So we all know about the Ray Rice incident…he punched his then fiance and was suspended like two games or something. The incident was pretty much blown over, he’s suspended for two games, let’s move on to the next. AND THEN the video comes out. I’m not sure what they were expecting, but because they saw what happened, now it’s a heinous crime??? I understand he knocked her unconscious, but why is it okay to just get away with a punch. Like, oh he only hit her, so lets suspend him for the least amount of time. BUT WAIT SHE WAS KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS AND IT’S BEING SHOWN TO THE ENTIRE NATION…nope we have to suspend him indefinitely. If he was upset with her, a hit is a hit. It’s all abuse.

Yes she married him, and there are plenty of people who say “I would never be in a relationship like that, or I WISH someone would try to hit me like that” do you guys REALLY think she grew up wanting to be in an abusive relationship? The only people who can speak for her are people who have been in an abusive relationship. I mean this poor lady is scared for her life, if he’s done it once, he’s capable of doing it again. People may think “well, she didn’t have to marry him” but you don’t know their story. How do you know she has somewhere to run to? How do you know he hasn’t threatened to kill her if she leaves? Abusive relationships aren’t just physical, they’re also emotionally damaging.

So to belittle this woman by saying she’s dumb for staying with him, you must not have sympathy for people. There are things that you do or don’t do that people couldn’t fathom doing or not doing. I try to see everything from all aspects, and I’m not in their relationship so I’m not going to judge either one. I will say this though: “Men, if a woman makes you mad enough to where you want to hit her, or you do hit her, you have no business being with her.”

Back to the suspension. Why are these athletes being paid millions to be able to act ANY type of way they want to, but when they’re caught it’s such a scandal. They are allowed to get away with any and everything as long as there is no record of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my football just as much as the next person, but why are these athletes being glorified just because they’re AMAZING at something? I’m AMAZING at lots of things, but I don’t get paid millions to do what I love and I’m not out breaking the law. The NFL (NBA, MLB, etc) looks over the illegal things that these athletes do until it’s caught on camera. We need to be teaching our youth that when you do something wrong, regardless if it was caught on tape, you need to be reprimanded. All this does is teach society, as long as you are good at a sport, you can do whatever you want behind closed doors. We might hear about it, but as long as it’s not seen, it’s okay!

That’s my random, not so random rant for the day.

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