Football and Yarn

Yes, yes, you read that correctly. Football and yarn! How do these two even correlate with each other? Let me explain.

Football season is my favorite time of the year. I love the NFL. I mentioned in my “20 things about me” blog post that I want to own my own NFL team. How amazing would that be. I would be involved in the NFL 365 days out of the year. *le sigh* ANYWAYS I’ve always liked football, and not just the attractive men in tight pants, but I’ve been a fan of how the sport is actually  played. I’m more of a defensive type of girl. I like the defensive side of the ball. I like the eagerness and tenacity of the other team trying to get the ball. I like the hard hits, the tackles and the interceptions. I once heard a saying “Offense sells tickets, defense wins games” and I’d rather seen a winning game than purchase a ticket to watch a bunch of nothing. Football holds a special place in my heart šŸ™‚

Now what does football have to do with yarn you ask? Well, red yeart yarn has a line of yarn out called “team spirit yarn” and it consists of two striped colors where you can support your favorite team! It has 19 different color schemes which I believe might cater to all 32 NFL teams. I think red heart was genious for coming out with this line of yarn because football season is during scarf season…DUH! So why not stay warm and represent your favorite football team??!?!?! I know people are constantly finding new ways to show their team spirit, so why not with a scarf, a headband ear warmer, or even a beanie?

So me, being the person I am, have bought some team colors in regular yarn AND chunky yarn (thanks to Hometown USA yarn)…it seems like a lot of yarn brands are catching on to this team spirit theme. With that being said, I plan on making scarves and other accessories in these conviently colored strands of yarn.

I guess there isn’t a DIRECT correlation with yarn and football for most people, but there is for me…why? Because I’m random.

Thanks for reading! Shoot me an email if you’d like: cheritaisrandom@gmail.comIMG_2297.JPG


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