20 facts about me

Yesterday I was tagged in an Instagram post to state 20 facts about me. I figured I might as well share them here too.

1. I’m indecisive.
2. I love to crochet.
3. I struggle with my walk with Christ.
4. I think my son is the cutest and funniest three year old.
5. I enjoy Spanish and ASL although I’m not the greatest at either.
6. I’m bit of a grammar nazi.
7. One of my favorite books is the thesaurus.
8. I dislike people as much as I love people.
9. I’m not a fan of the public school system.
10. I’m 4 feet 11 inches.
11. I love junk food as much as I love healthy food.
12. I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY LOVE THE NFL…I wish I could own a team.
13. I have a deep passion for cheerleading and gymnastics.
14. One day I want to, and will, live in New York. It’s my favorite state ever.
15. Getting paid to travel seems like an ideal job.
16. But so does event planning.
17. As does crafting.
18. Reading makes me happy.
19. I suffer from depression.
20. The idea of being in love seems impossible.

Well…there it is. 20 facts about me! Thanks for reading.

Any questions, comments and/or concerns?? Send me an email: cheritaisrandom@gmail.com


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