30 before 30

So I have MAJOR anxiety about turning 30…for more reasons than none, but in order to ease my anxiety (unsuccessfully) I made a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30. I shared the list at the beginning of the year, and seeing as I’m 3 months away from the big 3-0 I thought I would share how my list is coming along 🙂

Let’s start with the things I HAVE done. In June I took a vacation with my friend Reina to the east coast where I immediately crossed 4 things off my list. I had the best experience visiting my all time favorite cheer gym, Maryland Twisters. I never get tired of telling that story, but I’m going to have to save that one for another blog post. All you need to know is I got to stand on the floor with Tara Cain and watch her coach F5. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! When we left Maryland we went on to New York and lived it up for 4 days. It was awesome. During our time in New York I went on a cruise, bought a homeless (or drugged out) man a meal, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Initially when I made this list I was thinking I would go on a cruise for a few days, but I’ve never even been on a night-time cruise, so the party cruise we went on in NY was sufficient enough. The homeless man I…well we (Reina and I) bought a meal for was a bit sketchy, it was like 3 in the morning, but he was hungry and didn’t have any money, so we paid for him to eat.

Now the bridge…that was the biggest feat for me. I absolutely positively DESPISE bridges. I figured if I was going to walk across a bridge…it may as well be one of the biggest, scariest bridges in my favorite city ever. I was hyperventilating the entire time, but I survived. I didn’t understand why I was walking on wood, I didn’t understand why people were taking a jog, I didn’t understand why people were riding their bikes, I didn’t understand anything about people being calm on the bridge. I’m not sure if I would ever cross a bridge again, but I can say I did it!

Some of the other items on my list that I have successfully completed are I learned to crochet (which I’m fairly good at), I straightened my hair, I found my favorite wine (Gnarly Head Authentic Red) , I stayed up for 24 hours (which is hard to do when you have a three-year old son and a full-time job) and I got myself an office job. All of those only account for NINE things on my list of THIRTY things to do 😦

However, I know there are 10 more that I can check off in a matter of days, it’s just mustering up the courage, time and/or effort to do it. There are a few things that will not happen before I turn 30, but it will not deter me from making those things happen.

  1. I won’t be buying a car. I don’t make or have enough money to purchase a new or new-to-me car.
  2. I will NOT have a spike. For all of you that don’t know what a spike is…Spikehere it is. There are a few reasons why I will not have a spike, and probably never will. I’m almost 30. I would need to stretch every day for about a year to get to this level, and my butt is so large my leg wouldn’t come close to my head. It is a goal I wrote down, so I should still pursue it.
  3. Being in a studio audience is something that is easily attainable, but I don’t live in an area where shows are produced. I could make a weekend trip out to LA, but me being indecisive I would have to find the PERFECT show to go watch. I want to go see Big Bang Theory, but that show is so popular, there is a very little chance I would get tickets before my birthday.
  4. I want to become confident enough to speak Spanish to native spanish speakers or people who don’t understand English at all, but I always have that fear of sounding nonsensical I just stick to what I know and that’s answering back in English…which doesn’t help the speakers who don’t understand English. I’ve signed up for plenty of language exchange groups via the internet, but I never follow through with it. Give me about 5 margaritas and I’m 100% fluent though 🙂 it’s something about that liquid courage.
  5. Growing closer to God and learning to love again are two things that go hand in hand for me. Growing closer to God is a never-ending endeavor, but I did not give my all to try to strengthen our relationship, and one reason is because I don’t love myself. In order to love, you must first love yourself and I’m finding that to be the most difficult, arduous exploit…EVER. It’s been a treacherous 6 years that I’ve honestly been able to say “I love myself”. Yes I love my son, yes I love my friends and family, but the kind of love that I’m looking for I’m not sure can ever be found again.

Obviously, there are other items on my list that I did not mention, seeing as I only talked about half, but I will keep updating sporadically until I reach my 30th birthday which is in a short 69 days! I will post a follow-up blog with my full list of 30 things to do before I turn 30.

Thank you guys for reading! And as always send me an e-mail: cheritaisrandom@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. CHERITA!!! You have spoken to Spanish speaking people in Spanish (granted you’ve usually been drinking) but that counts!! Also, not to burst your bubble but you have 2 months and 1 week until your bday. As for the show, I WILL get us tics to The Big Bang Theory one day!! It probably won’t happen before your bday but it WILL happen before the show is over!!!


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