Work, work, work

Most people have a dream job that they have envisioned themselves doing since they were a child. I haven’t really had that vision. My dream job is being creative. I have a few passions near and far. I live for cheerleading and gymnastics. I have a passion for learning about different cultures, especially the Latin culture and the Deaf culture. I also like to coordinate and plan events.

Working a front desk job is something I do and I like to do, as long as I have work. I don’t mind greeting people, setting appointments, creating documents, etc. I type over 65 wpm accurate and I’m pretty computer program savvy. I would love to create my own job where I help people plan weddings, birthday parties and/or company events. I would also like to be able to help the cheerleading world be more unified and uniformed. Doing this would all be amazing if I was doing it at the hands of someone who could teach me Spanish or ASL. Why can’t I create my own dream job?

The rules of society are you HAVE to go to school, you HAVE to graduate, you HAVE to get a well paying job based on what you may or may not have learned in school. The whole system is skewed. What about people who are smart, but didn’t do well in school because they learn from being hands on rather than being lectured to for 6 hours a day? What about people who want to make a difference but don’t have all the proper resources or don’t know the right people?

Sad to say it, but some of the most motivated and useful people are stuck working at a dead end job because the school system is worried more about grades rather than what a student is learning and retaining; or because that employee wasn’t friends with the right people who can put in a good word for him or her.

I feel like many employers have forgotten that you can teach skill, but you can’t teach good work ethic or awesome character traits. Anyone can look good on paper, but when it comes to the actual product, not everyone can deliver.

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