Clase de español

Today Myles and I started a Spanish for tots class. I’m very interested in languages especially Spanish and American Sign Language. I started teaching Myles easy and familiar Spanish words as well as baby signs and I noticed how well he was able to communicate at an early age. I attribute that to baby signs alone, but if he was able to retain Spanish, English, and what would later turn into ASL, then why can’t he learn the language to its entirety? I love the Spanish language, but I know at my age it would take a whole lot of dedication and practice to become fluent; a lot of dedication and practice time I don’t have. But any chance I can get to expose my son to another language or culture, I take it. We started this 6 week Spanish class through our local parks and rec. It’s every Tuesday at 10:00. Good thing I have every Tuesday off 🙂 I plan on keeping Myles in something through parks and rec. I’m searching high and low for an ASL class for someone his age. Can anyone help with that?

Speaking of my son, since he was about a year old I’ve been trying to get him into some type of modeling. Now every parent thinks their kid is the cutest and the funniest, and I’m one of those parents…HOWEVER, everywhere we go people tell me how handsome he is, how much personality he has, how smart he is, etc. I’ll keep sending his picture and resume in, but until then, maybe I’ll use my new networking skills to get him noticed. I mean who can resist this face????

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