While most people listen to music in the car, I on the other hand listen to podcasts. And once again, because I’m so random, I listen to a plethora of different podcasts. I have them sorted out according to their topics.

I listen to mommy podcasters, grammar nazis, Spanish speakers, bible studies, the stuff you should know series, and the newest podcast I found is Social Media Marketing Happy Hour. This one, I’ve been learning how to network. I have plenty of items, projects, and ideas to network, I just need to learn HOW to network. So I’m hoping Traci and Dawn can teach me a few things.

So I have a list of 30 things to do before I turn 30 (74 days) and one of them is to have a girls night out. Since I’m already spending money on my party, I’m doing a girls night in. I’m hosting a party where we will be making vision boards and drinking wine. #thankspinterest

Another one of my party projects are coming together. I’m making coasters for everyone that attends my party. The product is done but not perfected. I just need to figure out how to get the picture adhered to the tile without any bubbles. I’m so excited for my party! It’s coming together perfectly 🙂

Thanks for reading guys! And don’t forget to email me: cheritaisrandom@gmail.com


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