In case you were wondering…

Today has been quite interesting. I found out I sprained my ankle (I blame it on almost being 30 years old) so I’m in a boot and on crutches for 2 weeks. Cool!

Since I was out of commission for the day I went paint chip “shopping” and got some new paint chip samples for my contraction series. I use the term shopping very loosely…they are free. Slash, every time I say contraction, my uterus jumps a bit…NO, I’M NOT PREGNANT.

I thought I would show a sample of what my words with apostrophes look like in a flash card design. The folded part will be joined together by a piece of Velcro…I know I’m a genius!

On a more random note, the program I coach for is doing half time at a high school football game tonight. I hope it’s not too cold out. Don’t forget if you have any questions email me at:


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